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Grades 9-12
Lesson: The Block

Students research the work of collage- based artist Romare Bearden on MOMA’s “Let’s Walk the Block” Web2.0 Site. Students then study perspective through an instructed introduction to 1- Point perspective. They create sketches of their neighborhood/block by using traditional resources like photographs, books, and magazines, as well as contemporary resources like Google Earth/ Google Maps. Students complete these compositions by developing a mixed- media collage inspired by the work of Harlem Renaissance visual artist Romare Bearden with social/political comment that highlights the themes of celebration and conflict. [Elements: Shape, Form, Perspective Discipline: Drawing, Collage Artist: Romare Bearden]

1. Students will actively engage in the process of creating mixed- media collaged landscape scenes based on the “block” that they live on. (Standard 1)
2. Students create sketches of places and people that they would like to include in their collage by using traditional and contemporary/ digital resources (Standard 2)
3. Students critically respond to the work of collage- based artist Romare Bearden, and how he influenced art and culture during the Harlem Renaissance period through the content and context in his collage works. (Standard 3,4)