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Grades 5-8
Lesson: Automatic Drawing Through Music

Through a Smart board presentation, students are introduced to the art movement known as Surrealism: the historical background, artists involved, and artist practice. Students then close their eyes and actively listen to Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker (a Cross- curricular activity). As they listen with their eyes closed, they complete abstract automatic pencil line drawings in the Surrealist style of Automatism. Once they have completed automatic drawing, students draw on top of the pencil drawings use Sharpie marker to pull out representational imagery that they discover within their automatic drawings. [Discipline: Drawing Artists: “The Surrealists”: Andre Masson, Andre Breton, Joan Miro, Salvador Dali, Jean Arp, Roberto Matta]

• Students critically respond to Surrealist thought and how this particular group of artists emphasized the world of the unconscious through art- making. (Standard 4)
• Students respond to Surrealist paintings and how the paintings are a balance between abstract and representational through the artists’ process of creating art. (Standard 3)
• Students will listen to music and how it relates to their own mood as they listen while they create abstract automatic drawings. (Standard 2)
• Students will actively engage in the process of creating automatic drawings. Students will then pull representational imagery from their abstract automatic drawings (Abstract→ Representational). (Standard 1)