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Grades 2-5
Lesson: Japanese Handscrolls

Students describe what elements of nature are affected by seasons, specifically how trees and various landscapes are affected. Students are then introduced to seasonal landscape paintings from Japanese hand scrolls. Students decipher what seasons are being portrayed in each painting, and how the paintings are a form of narrative utilized by ancient Japanese and Chinese peoples. Students then use ink and watercolor to create their own landscape painting that is identifiable as a specific season through each painter’s use of detail in line and color. [Elements: Seasons, Story (Narrative), Line, Color mixing/ blending, Detail Discipline: Ink/Watercolor Painting]

• Students critically respond to images of ancient Japanese hand scroll paintings and how people used scrolls to tell stories about their lives and the environment they live in. (Standard 3)
• Students will actively engage in the process of creating ink/ watercolor paintings that display a story about a season by using details of line and color (Standard 1)
• Students will utilize inks and watercolor paint with water to create variation in texture and color. (Standard 2)
• Students will develop an understanding of how detail in line and color affect how an image is interpreted. (Standard 4)