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Grades 1-3
Lesson: Complementary Print Stamping

Students will be re-introduced to the concept of complimentary colors through a Power Point presentation as a review in color theory. Students will identify the sets of complementary colors through example images of the work of Andy Warhol in Power Point presentation and on Andy Warhol Museum and Resource Website. Students will then make found material prints inspired by Andy Warhol, printing in paint that is the complementary color to the paper that they are working on. [Elements: Complementary Color Discipline: Printmaking Artist: Andy Warhol]«‘¬

• Students critically respond to the historical context of Andy Warhol’s art career including his work in the advertising field, his use of printmaking as a way to create multiples, and his factory- style studio processes during the Pop Art period. (Standard 3)
• Students will actively engage in creating complementary color prints. (Standard 1)
• Students will utilize printmaking to learn about the process of creating multiple images from one original object/ material/ image. (Standard 2)
• Students will develop an understanding of the effectiveness of the uses of graphic imagery and colors to enforce/ portray an idea. (Standard 4