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Grades 1-3
Lesson: Geometric and Organic Collage

Students identify a series of geometric shapes. They review the practice of collage and then proceed to collage with pre- cut geometric shaped paper. Then, students are introduced to organic shapes. Students notice the differences between geometric and organic collage by understanding that geometric shapes have names and can be measured, while organic shapes are shapes that are hard to measure and usually shapes that are found in nature. They then create an organic collage by ripping organic shapes and collaging them onto paper. [Elements: Geometric shape, Organic shape Discipline: Collage]

• Students identify geometric shapes and organic shapes. (Standard 3)
• Students will engage in the process of creating geometric and organic collages. (Standard 1)
• Students will use pre-cut paper for geometric shapes, and rip paper to create organic shapes. (Standard 2)
• Students will develop an understanding of the distinction between geometric and organic shapes. (Standard 4)