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Grades 4-8
Lesson: Straw- Blown Paintings

Students create abstract straw- blown paintings by painting with watercolor paint then blowing on the wet paint by using a straw to move the paint on the page. Students then switch their straw- blown paintings with another peer in the class. They then pull out representational imagery by using Sharpie markers and ink pens to draw on top of their peer’s abstract straw- blow paintings. [Discipline: Painting, Collaboration Artists: “The Surrealists” (examples): Andre Masson, Andre Breton, Joan Miro, Salvador Dali, Jean Arp]

• Students critically respond to Surrealist thought and how this particular group of artists emphasized the world of the unconscious through art- making. (Standard 4)
• Students respond to Surrealist paintings and how the paintings are a balance between abstract and representational through the artists’ process of creating art. (Standard 3)
• Students then pull representational imagery from a peer’s abstract straw blown painting by drawing on top of the image with Sharpies and ink pens (Abstract→ Representational). (Standard 1)
• Students actively engage in a collaborative creating process that relies on the Surrealist concepts of chance, when they switch papers with a peer. (Standard 2)