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Grades K- 2
Lesson: All About Apples

Students learn about the parts of an apple: the skin, the core, the seeds, the stem, and the flesh. The teacher cuts an apple in half so that the students can identify the parts of an apple as a group. They then are introduced to examples of all types of apples that have different colored skins, for example: Granny smith, Red Delicious, and Golden Delicious. The group also discusses the different kinds of tastes that each kind of apple has. Students use red, green, and yellow paint in correlation to the color apple half they each have to make multiple food prints of apples.
Elements: Color, Form
Discipline: Printmaking/Stamping

• Students critically respond to parts of the apple, as well as the different types of apples that exist. (Standard 3)
• Students will actively engage in the process of creating apple prints. (Standard 1)
• Students will utilize apple halves, paint, and braer tools to create apple prints. (Standard 2)
• Students will develop an understanding of how a print is made by rolling paint onto an object, and pressing and lifting it onto a piece to paper. (Standard 4)