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Grades K- 2
Lesson: Mondrian Collages

Students view paintings created by abstract artist Piet Mondrian. They identify horizontal and vertical lines that the artist used in his paintings. They also identify the colors that are used in his paintings: red, yellow, and blue: the primary colors. They discuss how Mondrian uses line and color to create the illusion of movement in his paintings. Students then collage black strips of paper on to white papers in the form of horizontal and vertical line. Finally, students incorporate primary colors to their collages by using primary colored pencils and markers. [Elements: Horizontal line, Vertical line, Primary colors Discipline: Collage Artist: Piet Mondrian]

• Students critically respond to the composition, color, and use of line in Piet Mondrian’s paintings. (Standard 3)
• Students will actively engage in the process of creating mixed media collages. (Standard 1)
• Students will utilize glue, paper, and various drawing media to create an artwork that is influenced by the work of Piet Mondrian. (Standard 2, 4)